BIC Lighter Holographic Playboy Bunny Design Lighters Regular Size (7 Pack)

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BIC Lighter Holographic Playboy Edition Bunny Design Lighters Regular Size (7 Pack)

About This Item:

(You will get 7 Pack = 7 Lighters)

Brand                             BIC

Color                              Assorted

Style                               Classic

Item Weight                  6 Oz

Dimensions (LxWxH)    4*1*1

BIC LighterBIC Lighter BIC Lighter
BIC LighterBIC Lighter


  • Brand New
  • 7 Pcs Bic Lighter Set!  
  • Spark up amazing moments with BIC Special Edition Pocket Lighters.
  • Made with pure isobutane lighter fuel
  • BIC Special Edition pocket lighters.
  • The long-lasting quality of each disposable lighter allows BIC to give you up to 2x the lights vs. the next leading brand; BIC Full Size lighter only.  
  • Each lighter is child-resistant*, so you can comfortably use this lighter at family gatherings.
  • Whether you’re lighting a birthday candle or staying prepped for an emergency,
  • BIC Lighters are there for you.
  • No lighter is child-proof.
  • There is no substitute for proper adult supervision.

Product Description:

This pack of BIC Lighters features four different holographic Playboy Bunny designs. Each disposable lighter is regular size and comes in an assorted color. The pack includes a total of seven lighters, making it a great value for collectors or everyday use. These lighters are made of plastic and were manufactured in the United States. They are not refillable and have not been modified. Add this unique set to your collection or use them for lighting cigarettes, candles, and more.

  • Durable, long-lasting disposable lighters made with pure isobutane for a steady flame and a long life – up to 3,000 lights
  • Each BIC Classic Pocket Lighter will give you up to 2x the lights** versus the next leading full size brand
  • Each pack of lighters undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process and meets or exceeds lighter safety standards
  • This pack of lighters has you covered with dependable BIC lighters for any situation. Check out the Special Edition Lighter Series to find unique lighters to match every mood. BIC lighters have it all – quality, design and style.
  • Read all warnings before using this lighter. Playboy® and the Rabbit Head Design are registered trademarks of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. and any use of such marks is under license.
  • Every BIC pocket lighter undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process, and they meet or exceed lighter safety standards established by federal organizations.
  • Exceeds lighter safety standards
  • Comfortably use these child-resistant lighters* at family gatherings to light birthday candles for your little ones

You will get 7 (Seven) Pack = 7 PCS BIC Lighter Holographic Playboy Bunny Design Lighters Regular Size.

Customer will receive 7 lighters.
7 lighters with different design (You may receive duplicate design based on availability)

We will try to fullfill customer recommended designs.

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