Battery Operated LED Flameless Tea Light Candles w/ Timer Long Lasting (2 Pack)

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6Pcs (2 Pack) Battery Operated LED Flameless 
Tea Light Candles w/ Timer Long Lasting 
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About This Item:

3 Pcs per pack
3 X 2 = 6 Pcs 
(You will get 2 Pack)







Operating Time

  6 Hours





Special Feature

Work out of box, 200 Hours, Indoor & Outdoor, Flameless & Flickering



Switch:     On / Off

Battery Type:  1 of CR2032


  • Material: LED+PP
  • ON/OFF: Switch control
  • Light Color: White & Flickering
  • Batteries included: CR2032 
  • Size optional(L*W*H) : 1.5"x 1.5"x 1.6" 
  • Function: Timer
  • Flameless: Create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Wide-use decoration: It is the decoration of the dining table, living room, fireplace, corridor, and bedroom, to adjust the atmosphere.
  • Illuminate a fireplace mantel or bookshelf loft with a bunch of candles in votive holders
  • Scatter some flameless candles around your home for a cozy ambiance.
  • Decorate special events, candlelight dinners with your loved one, and wedding parties, and use as wedding favors.
  • Use them with your floral centerpieces.
  • Excellent decor items for wedding receptions, dinner parties, holiday gatherings, and other events.  


Battery-operated flameless LED votive candles and tea lights are widely used in decorating homes, parties, and holidays. They are ideal decorative lighting products that are easy to use and they are also perfect gifts.  Compared to real wax candles, flameless candles are safe to use. There is no fire, no fume, and no wax mess. The package includes 3 battery-operated tea candles and capacity CR2032 button batteries.


  • Decorative Lighting: Flameless LED candles & Tealight are ideal for all kinds of decorations. Whether you want to decorate your Christmas party, these flickering battery candles are your first.
  • Perfect gifts: Flameless LED candles are perfect gifts for many holidays and occasions, for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversary, graduation, and the list goes on…
  • High quality: These electric votive/tealight candles are made of high quality, durable, wax-like plastic, and bright flickering bulbs. They look like and flicker like real wax candles. The wax-dripping design makes the tea lights very realistic. 
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: These LED tea lights can prove much longer lasting than real flame candles, which have to be disposed of once the wick burns down or the wax runs out. Instead, these candles are battery-powered by pre-installed batteries for your convenience. Great for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and special events.
  • Safe to use with: There is no open fire when you use flameless LED candles, therefore it is safe to use with, especially when you have seniors, kids, and pets at home.
  • SOOTHING AMBIENT LIGHT: Tea lights offer the perfect way to fill a room with warm, calming, and ambient lighting. Our LED tealights offer a soft and warm glow, creating the perfect atmosphere for anything from relaxation and recuperation to a romantic evening in. They have been specially designed to flicker in a realistic way too.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: These flameless tealights are ideal for any occasion. Whether that's general use around the house, table decorations for a wedding, inside pumpkins at Halloween, lighting up evening drinks outdoors or anything else.
  • EXTREMELY REALISTIC: Our candles have been specially designed to give the look and feel of real flame tealight candles, without the hassle or hazard. Not only do they provide a warm glow, but they also flicker in the same way that a real flickering flame candle would too.
  • SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS BELOW: Wax candles can't last long; concerns about fire hazards; a mess of the melted down wax; your cute curious kids or pets knocking them over; breeze blowing them out
  • RELIABLE & SECURE: Homemory LED tea lights are tested rigorously, ensuring their reliability. With (UN38.8) internationally certified batteries and healthy polypropylene materials, plus a secure battery cap design, we care about your safety
  • VERSATILE: Sized at 1.5"Dia x 1.6"H, these electric tea lights fit most tea light holders and wall sconces. Perfect for adorning occasions such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, or festivities like Halloween and Christmas, they will undoubtedly amplify the joy and charm of any occasion


Keep away from water and damp areas
Do not dispose in fire as the battery may explode
Remove the battery if the product will be unused for a long time

Battery Replacement:
1 Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the LED candle by turning counterclockwise.
2 Replace the old coin cell with a new one.
3 Close the battery compartment by turning clockwise.

You will get 2 (Two) Pack = 6 Pcs LED Flameless Tealight Candles.

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