7.75 Inch BPA-Free Plastic Drinking Straws individually wrapped -White

  • $4.99
  • Save $10

  • 7-3/4 Inch Length Straight Straws - Great for everyday use in standard drinking glasses
  • High-Quality Straws Made From Food Grade BPA-Free Polypropylene (PP)
  • Disposable and Easy To Replace
  • Individually wrapped
A simple and convenient design, the inch drinking straw is a classic for daily home use, as well as being the professional standard for bar cocktails. Here it is available in hard-to-find colors that are ideal for matching themed parties of all kinds. These straws are made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) and will not buckle inwards or spring leaks during normal use. This size of straws ( Inch) is perfect for free-flowing liquids like water, soda, tea, and anything with similar consistency. If you are looking for something suitable for thicker drinks - or for a different purpose such as sip straws - please refer to the straw diameter guide below: ( Inch) - Slim straws, also known as sip straws - Used as stirrers and for sipping strongly flavored or hot drinks. ( Inch) - Regular straws - These are your standard drinking straw. Suitable for water, tea, soda, etc. ( Inch) - Jumbo straws - These are wider than your standard drinking straw allowing for faster thirst-quenching. Not quite large enough for thick drinks such as milkshakes. ( Inch) - Large straws - This size is excellent for drinking quickly with little effort. The wide diameter takes little effort and allows for a smooth drink. Big enough for some smoothies, but not milkshakes and other thick drinks. ( Inch) - Smoothie Straws - The smallest true smoothie straws, these are great for all varieties of smoothies and all but the thickest milkshakes. (0.5 Inch) - Extra Large Straws - Truly massive, if it can be consumed as a liquid then this straw can handle it. Perfect for boba/bubble tea and extremely thick milkshakes.

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