House Care Handy Wipes Multi Purpose Reusable Cleaning Cloth, 8-ct each (5 Pack)

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House Care Handy Wipes Multi-Purpose Reusable Cleaning Cloth, 8-ct each (5 Pack)


About This Item:

You will get 5 Pack. 
8 X 5 = 40 Handy Wipes.
8ct Handy Wipes per pack.




Towel form type   Cleaning Wipes

Material   Polyester

Product Dimensions  20" x 13"
(53cm x 28cm)

Pattern    Solid

Sheet Count (8 X 5 = 40 Pcs) 
(Per Pack 8 Count)

Product Details:

  • Great for your household cleaning needs
  • Super Absorbent
  • Dust
  • Wipe
  • Polish
  • Clean
  • Scrub
  • Multi-Purpose Reusable Cleaning Wipes
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable
  • Rinses easily dry quickly
  • Great for use all around the home
  • Use wet or dry

Product Description:

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for cleaning, wiping, scrubbing, or dusting, these cleaning cloths can be used virtually anywhere in your home. Hugely versatile and easy to use. These House Care Reusable Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes are a household must-have.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Unlike regular kitchen towels, these kitchen washcloths are impressively absorbent.
  • EASY CLEAN AND FAST DRY: Unlike regular cotton dishcloths, these dishcloths have a unique texture design, which makes them easy to clean and fast drying stink free.
  • REUSABLE: You can easily reuse these dust wipes by simply placing them in the washing machine. Also suitable for hand washing too, these reusable wipes will appear streak and lint-free with every wash.

House Care Handy Wipes House Care Handy Wipes

House Care Handy Wipes House Care Handy Wipes House Care Handy Wipes

  • Crafted from high-quality materials, these handy wipes are durable and long-lasting, allowing you to tackle various cleaning tasks with ease. From wiping down kitchen countertops to dusting furniture, these cloths offer exceptional absorbency and durability for effective cleaning results.

  • The reusable design of House Care Handy Wipes helps minimize environmental impact by reducing the need for disposable paper towels and wipes. Simply wash and reuse them again and again, making them a sustainable choice for your household cleaning needs.

  • With their compact size and lightweight construction, these cleaning cloths are convenient to store and use whenever a mess arises. Keep a stack in your kitchen, bathroom, or cleaning caddy for quick and efficient clean-ups throughout your home.

  • Say goodbye to single-use cleaning products and embrace the convenience and sustainability of House Care Handy Wipes. Keep your home sparkling clean while reducing your carbon footprint with these versatile and eco-friendly cleaning cloths.

Note: Easy-to-hold handle and non-scratch scourer for glassware and nonstick surfaces.

You will get 5 Pack = 40 Pcs Multi-Purpose House Care Handy Wipes. 

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