(3 Pack) 4" Elastic Sports/Body Wrap Self - Closure Bandages - New

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  • EASY-TO-USE FIRST-AID SELF ADHERING BANDAGE WRAPS: With no help from pins and clips, our cohesive bandage wraps will give excellent support by firmly sticking to themselves, not to your skin. These self-adherent bandages are perfect for emergencies as they compress the affected area until you get the care you need. Because of the medical-grade material of this self-stick wrap bandage, our self-adhesive elastic bandages won't even adhere to the hair so removing this wrap tape is a breeze!
  • COMFY & FLEXIBLE BANDAGE WRAPS: As our self-adherent cohesive wrap tape relieves swelling and promotes healing. This stretchy bandage wrap also gives you the comfort you need. With incredibly soft and breathable fabric used for our non-woven stretch bandages, the affected body part will get enough support while giving you a pliable and comfortable stretch. Our flexible self-adhesive bandages will make sure that your injury remains safe and sterile while you move with less pain.
  • ELASTIC ADHESIVE TAPE FOR YOUR RECOVERY & SATISFACTION: California Home Goods is always on the lookout for budget-friendly products that will make your life easier. That also means that we stand by the quality of our self sticking bandage wraps or cohesive tape. Just in case you encounter problems with the self-adhering wrap or you're simply unhappy with your purchase of our self-stick bandage wrap, just reach back out to us and we'll be happy to improve your overall experience.
  • WATER-RESISTANT STRETCH BANDAGE WRAPS: Even though our first aid wrap self-adhesive tape is made from a breathable, non-woven, porous material, it is also water-resistant. No matter how much you sweat and even if you take a bath with it, our high-quality elastic adhesive tape won't easily get loose. And be assured that as our water-resistant and sweat-proof self adhering tape provide you reliable support and protection, it will never cause rashes and other irritation to your skin.
  • SAFE & LIGHTWEIGHT COHESIVE TAPES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Teens and adults often use these self-adhesive wraps anywhere as a regular sports tape, wrist wraps, ankle bandage, or an injury athletic wrap. But because of its latex-free and sterile material, you may also use these self sticking bandage wrap for your active kids. And because our adhesive wrap bandage provides the ideal support and protection, you may also use these stretchy bandage wraps as wrapping bandages for your furry pals too.  

3 Pack Contains 3(Three) 4" Elastic Sports/Body Wrap Box


The compression (pressure) effect of the elastic bandage on the body comes from the tension of the elastic bandage, so it is necessary to maintain a uniform and appropriate force to tighten the elastic bandage when you are wrapping your elastic bandage. At the same time, you should avoid excessive force, if you can see whitish, feel numb or acupuncture on your body, it means that you wrap the elastic bandage too tight and you should remove the elastic bandage immediately.

Please use elastic bandages during exercise or after exercise. The elastic bandage must be removed twice a day for at least half an hour to maintain blood supply to the feet. Please consult a doctor for a long time using.

To avoid hurting the skin, please prevent wrinkles or protrusions while wrapping the elastic bandage. Make sure the elastic bandage on your body stays elegant, beautiful, and do not make yourself like a mummy.

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