(3 Pack) Axe Collision Leather and Cookies Deodorant 48hrs Body Spray 150ml -New

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(3 Pack) Axe Collision Leather and Cookies Deodorant 
48hrs Body Spray 150ml / 5.07oz
- New

About This Item:

Brand Name AXE
Item Form Spray
Scent Fresh, Smelling
Number of Items 1
Unit Count 150 milliliter
Item Volume 150 Milliliters
Target Use Body Part Body

Product Details:

  • Smell irresistible with Axe Leather & Cookies Deodorant Body Spray.
  • With Axe Leather & Cookies Spray for Men, make a statement by embracing the power of understatement.
  • Spray with deodorant zinc, which does not mask the odors but stops them.
  • For 48 hours the unexpectedly delicious smell of leather and freshly baked cookies. 
  • A few sprays is all you need.
  • Spray over your upper body to smell irresistible.

  • Deodorant body spray packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 13.5 cm.

Product Description

AXE Collision Leather & Cookies Deodorant Spray without Aluminium Salt 150 ml When two apparently contradictory things come together, an unexpected great connection can occur. And what applies to love also provides an unexpected and seductive fragrance experience. The wild scent of leather and the irresistible scent of freshly baked cookies ensure a "collision" of fresh and warm fragrances. The fresh top notes dominate citrus, mint, and spices as well as a subtle touch of leather. Flavors of vanilla, cookies, maple syrup and creamy musk add a warm base to the scent. This combination creates a unique fragrance experience full of sensual surprises. AXE Collision Leather & Cookies Deodorant Spray not only gives you an insane scent but also keeps you fresh all day long - without aluminum salts. Effective protection and a unique scent throughout the day. Easy to apply and without annoying deodorant stains on clothing. The new Axe Collision Leather & Cookies is a surprising fragrance composition that allows two worlds to clash with each other and creates a unique fragrance experience. You don't think this crazy combination smells good? Just try it! AXE Collision Leather & Cookies is available not only as a deodorant spray but also as a shower gel. A unique fragrance experience for style-conscious men. Axe - Find your magic.

How to Use :

1. Twist the top open to reveal the nozzle.

2. Hold the can 6 inches from your body and spray it on your chest and neck.

AXE - How to use

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About AXE Personal Care :

AXE, a leader in men's grooming, is an iconic personal care brand that helps guys look, smell, and feel their best. The AXE brand is available in a line of body sprays, deodorants, antiperspirant sticks, shower gels, hair care, face, and styling products. AXE gives guys confidence from the minute they wake up in the morning and take a shower to the moment they get ready for a long night out.

You will get 3 (Three) Axe Collision Leather and Cookies Deodorant 48hrs Body Spray 150ml.

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