1 Pack Kuz Energizing Shampoo All Hair Made In Italy 16.9 oz Bottles

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    • Shampoo with intensive nutrition for tired and opaque hair ideal for treated and permed hair
    • Produce an effective purifying and restructuring action
    • It maintains the elasticity, eliminates the residues that hair leave hair opaque
    • promotes anti-hair loss.
    • Provides a combination of balancing agents that optimize the health of the scalp.
    • Leaves hair soft.

    It's a shampoo rich in active substances that clean the scalp in depth Providing a combination of balancing agents that optimize Beauty Products

    About This Item

    KUZ Energizing Shampoo For Fragile and Dry Hair. Designed to initiate the restructuring process, with soft tension-active agents that perfectly remove the residues of chemical substances. It contains nourishing substances that moisturize hair, wrapping it in rich, delicate foam. Kuz Energizing Shampoo 16.9 Oz.
    Kuz Energizing ShampooKuz Energizing Shampoo

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