Tin Money Saving Piggy Bank 6" Ben Franklin $100 Bill Money Coin Saver (2 Pack)

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(2 Pack) Tin Money Savings Piggy Bank 

With Ben Franklin $100 Bill Money 

Coin Saver (Size: 6" x 4") 

About This Item:








 6" X 4" (10x15 CM)

Use For

Money Savings

Product Details:


  • 1x $100 Ben Money Tin 
  • The condition is New. 


  • 6" tall and 4" diameter.
  • Non-removable lid; Can opener must be used.
  • 2010 version $100 USD bill decoration.
  • The slit is big enough for change or bills.
  • Great for kids and adults of all ages.
  • Money bank for SAVINGS.

The 2 Pack of Tin Piggy Bank with Ben Franklin's $100 Bill design is a delightful and functional way to teach kids about the importance of saving money. These piggy banks are made of durable tin material and feature a charming design with a slot for inserting coins and bills. The realistic Ben Franklin $100 bill design adds a touch of fun and inspiration. With a 6" size, these piggy banks have plenty of space to store coins and bills, encouraging a habit of saving. Start teaching financial responsibility in a playful way with these adorable piggy banks.

> CANNOT BE TAKEN OUT: The dollar coin bank is completely closed on each side, so can only save money but cannot be taken out.

> GIFT: A great gift for a new baby or birthday, you can make a money-saving plan for your new baby, or let them set a saving goal for their baby's birthday. or you can set a goal for saving yourself. 10x15CM

> SAVINGS PLAN: Constrain yourself to save money, or prepare a savings plan. you can save money to realize your wishes, and you won't be interrupted because you can't take them out at any time.

> MATERIAL: The dollar coin bank is made of sturdy material and has a large capacity.

> Using Guideline: This round tin money bank has the depiction of the United States wrapping around it. Can fit change or bills in the slot on the top. Buy several and line a shelf at your bar or restaurant, for inexpensive cool cool-looking decor. Man, woman or child would like this banknote there is no opening to remove money.

> Made of tinplate, high quality and durable.

> European and American-style piggy banks look like a retro feel.

> After putting the coins in the piggy bank, they cannot be taken out unless the piggy bank is destroyed.

> This piggy bank is very helpful in cultivating the habit of saving.

This brand new $100 Dollar Bill designed piggy bank is a great way for you to start saving your money! This Benjamin Franklin tin can is the perfect piggy bank for people of all ages. Now you can store and save all of your loose coins and dollar bills in style!

NOTE: Because the new dollar coin bank is difficult to open, is recommended to open only when the target is completed, or in some emergency situations. once the dollar bank is opened, is also destroyed.

You will get 2 (Two) Ben Franklin $100 Bill Money Coin Saver 6" x 4" (Any random design based on availability).

If you need any specific design, please leave a note about the preferred design during placing the order.

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