3 PCS Kitchen Spatula Silicone Utensil Set Flexible Rubber For Baking & Cooking

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3 PCS (1 Pack) Kitchen Spatula Silicone Utensil Set Flexible Rubber For Baking & Cooking - New

About This Item:

You will get 1 Pack.
Per Pack = 3 Pcs
3 X 1 = 3 Pcs

Color            White



of Pieces


Item Dimensions LxWxH


  4 oz

41x7.5x11.5 inches

125 g


At A Glance:

  • Premium Quality
  • BPA Free Material
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Pro-Grade
  • Perfect Style & Functionality
  • Not Heat resistant
  • Easy to Clean & health cooking
  • Flexible rubber spatulas are made BPA free.
  • Perfect for cooking baking and mixing.
  • Ideal for candy making to stir chocolate or caramel, smooth surface ices cakes, cookies and muffins.
  • Great for a variety of cooking and baking tasks
      • Can be used for scooping, folding, mixing, spreading, turning, and more
      • Easily reach into corners and along the sides of mixing bowls, pots, and pans
      • Safe for use on all cookware and bakeware types, including nonstick

      Product Description:

      • Sturdy & Flexible: This spatula set, is sturdy enough to stir sticky dough, and soft enough on the edges to cleanly scrape batter or button from your bowl; They can perfectly reach the bottom of kitchen aid mixer bowls (which have high sides) without getting your hands sticky in the process. Edges of these spatula are thinner and very flexible, working just fine at scraping bowls.

      • Kitchen Utensils:  Package included spoon spatula, large spatula ,mini spatula which are best choice for cooking, scooping, scraping, baking and mixing. Treat yourself and your family to safe and healthy cooking.

      • Cold Temperature Scraper Spatula Set: We will provide you with 3 pieces of spoon spatulas, designed in white color, and the size is approx. 41 x 7.5 inches/ 36 x 7.5 inches/25 x 5 cm; The sufficient quantity can meet your basic using and replacing needs in your daily life.

      • High Quality Material: These spatulas are made of 100% food grade rubber(the head part) and plastic(handle), thus making them very durable, and meantime the heads are still flexible enough to easily get to the bottoms and corners of any size bowl. Our scraper is made of quality material, and reusable, safe and odorless, sturdy and wear resistant, and not easy to deform or fade, so you can use it for a long time.

      • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Long handle ensures a comfortable grip while keeping your hands away from the heat of the stove. Plus, our handle is thick to make even long kitchen hours feel like a breeze. Features a hole for hanging storage!                                             

      • Widely Application:  Each spatula is designed with enough flexibility to conform to bowls if scraping, strong enough to handle the toughest batters if mixing, and creatively shaped to easily handle a multitude of tasks in your kitchen.

      • Non Stick Cookware:  Whether cooking the perfect scrambled eggs or summer vegetables, you can rest assured that non-stick silicone will not scratch your cookware.

      • Practical Kitchen Accessory:  These spatulas can be applied for different cooking applications, such as stirring your food, making cake, and more, which will not scratch your pots, bringing you a lot of convenience.

      • Convenient to Use: Our rubber scrapers are designed with long handle that is convenient for you to hold, and they have small holes at the end, so you can easily hang them on the kitchen wall without taking up too much space.

      • Perfect Mixer Tools: With long handles and flexible thin edges, these spatula have the perfect amount of flex, nicely contour to the curves of your pans or bowls, and the blade has just enough bounce and flexibility to conform to the inner shape of bowls, able to smooth out any inconsistencies in pressure you put on or let off while working with it.

      • Maintain Health Code: Durable and dishwasher safe too, Sanitary, this spatula will not violate health codes, because it is made with the head melded flush to the handle so that bacteria cannot get in and the head will not pop off - unlike some cheaper store bought ones, have heads that are loose or pop off. Bacteria can get into such cookware - unsanitary and dangerous.

      • MULTIPLE USAGE: With three different sizes this kitchen spatula set can be used for stirring batter, scraping cream, spreading jam and mixing salad. Widely used for baking and cooking.

      • Easy to Clean:  Spatulas set are dishwasher safe or can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned by hand. this spatula can be washed by hands or wash machine, simple and efficient, which will not spare you too much cleaning time, making your baking more leisure and relax.

      You will get 1 (One) Pack = 3 Pcs Cooking Rubber Spatula Set.

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