Mexican Playing Card Naipe Spanish Style Faisan Extra - Assorted Color

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  • 40 Playing Cards / 40 Cartas para Jugar (Assorted Color)
  • Perfect for family nights / Perfecto para noches en familia
  • Made in Mexico / Hecho en Mexico
  • 1-4 Players / 1 a 4 Jugadores
  • Spanish Faisan Naipe Plastic / Naipe Espanolas Faisan Plastico

Barajas Espanolas En Caja Plastica, Spanish Playing Cards, Plastic Case The Spanish playing Baraja is a method of fortune-telling. Interpretations vary according to the sources but this does not matter, because it is the cartomancy must assign each letter the interpretation one you like. Besides some fortuneteller interpret the letters as if they go right or vice versa. Likewise, it was considered the cups and coarse as beneficial while gold sticks and swords were more negative. It is true that in each suit there are good and bad cards. Gold cups and usually represent people with fair skin and blond hair and clubs and swords people from skin and dark hair. The so-called Spanish deck is a deck of 48 cards or letters, classified into four suits, each numbered from 1 to 12. More often than not have decks numbers 8 and 9, so only have 40 cards. The figures on Spanish playing cards correspond to the numbers 10, 11, and 12, and are called "jack", "horse" and "King", respectively, and, unlike the French deck, full-body represented. 1 is called as many games, a name that comes from the Latin as that means one. Some decks also include two jokers. The four suits are coins, cups, swords, and clubs (in their respective ascending order). For certain games are divided into short sticks (golds and glasses) and long (clubs and spades). The frame around the figure has a sign on the shorter sides, to distinguish the post in question without displaying all the cards: in gold is a solid line in the glasses there is an interruption, the swords two and the three clubs. This signal is called "the look" and has left the expression: "I knew by the look". The equivalent in the French deck, there are the figures under the number. This deck is based on tarot cards, except that the 48 letters of the Spanish cards (which are called "minor arcana")

Available Colors: Blue & Red (Based On inventory)

If you need any specific color, please leave a note about the preferred color during placing the order.

We will try to fullfill customer recommended color.

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