Ceramic Golf Bag Novelty Bank

  • $6.99
  • Save $14

  • Save your money and store all your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarter, british pounds and coins in this 6 Inches tall by 2.5 by 2.5 Inches piggy bank
  • This replica British telephone box will resemble the booths found in the streets of London and throughout England. While many of are made of cast iron, and panel windows, thhis iconic symbol found on many busy street corners is made of Ceramic with a rubber plug on the underneath so coin money can be be removed. Slot to put coins in the top of the piece.
  • Bright red, high gloss glazed pottery with gray windows and the words telephone.
  • Even though today most carry mobile smartphones and have little need to use these bright booths, what a great way to remember your vacation or trip to Europe or even save money for your next adventure in this decorative storage kiosk
  • Children and adults alike will appreciate displaying this on a bedroom dresser, nightstand, shelf in their home or office.