3 Pack Refillable Multi-Purpose Utility Lighters Assorted Colors fire starter

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Product description

Size:3 Pack

* The multi-purpose lighter no one should be without. Whether you're heading to a sporting event, camping in the mountains or grilling at home, this Multi-Purpose Lighter is an essential tool. Its long, durable metal wand is ideal for grills, fire pits, lanterns and candles. The Multi-Purpose Lighter also comes with a visible fuel supply window.

* Long lasting flame

* Longer wand keeps hands safe from fire

* Refillable & Adjustable flame

Lighter firestarter


* Assorted Colors 

* Visible fuel supply. Adjustable flame height.

* In Compliance with DOT Regulations - Butane Fuel is Not Included



• Lighters With Locking System

• Top Quality


• BBQ Lighters

• Kitchen lighters are quicker, safer and less fiddly to use than normal gas lighters or matches.

• Read all warnings before using this product. No lighter is child-proof. There is no substitute for proper adult supervision.

Ideal for Cookers, BBQ, Candles, Gas Fire, Fireworks, Camping and much more Child Safety Lock with Flame Control. Refillable, economical and always to hand.

  • Gas Lighter Stove Kitchen Fireplace BBQ Grill Utility Butane Lighters
  • Child resistant construction. No fuel,
  • Lighter has long-reach barrel and lever to adjust flame
  • Longer wand keeps hands safe from fire
  • Fireplaces, Candles, Scented oils

3 Pack Contains 3 Multi-Purpose Utility Lighters

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