12 Blue Mountain Radiator Stop Leak 12 oz (12 Pack)

  • $39.99
  • Save $9.52

  • Specially designed to repair hydraulic fluid leaks, reduce friction/wear, and renew seals and O-rings in hydraulic systems
  • Engineered to be professional-grade and is safe to use for consumer applications as well as commercial use cases
  • Works with all petroleum and synthetic fluids, pump seals, control valve seals, actuators, rams, cylinders, O-ring boss fittings, and hydrostatic transmissions
  • Keeps hydraulic seals soft and pliable, reduces friction and wear in hydraulic systems, cleans and prevents the formation of sludge and varnish, and helps hydraulic systems run cool and last longer
  • Made in the USA

12 Pack Contains: 12 Blue Mountain Radiator Stop Leak 12 Oz. Bottles

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