1 Gothic Skull Carved Biker Mixed Styles Men's Anti-Silver Rings Asorted

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Product Details:

Condition: 100% brand new
Ring Height: 22mm
Ring Width: 17mm
Ring Weight: 25g
Color: silver tone
Material: 316L stainless steel (titanium)

Assorted Design.
Assorted Size. 

Care Tips for Fashion Jewelries:
1. Keep away from chemicals, sweat, bath, crash, perfume, hairspray, detergent, to avoid any damage
2. Clean with mild soap and rinse it then dry with soft polishing cloth
3. Take off when sleeping, store your jewelry separately to avoid the scratch

How to measure your finger:
1.Develop a slip of paper or a piece of thread, tie it on your finger
2.Mark the joint of the paper or thread
3.Measure the length of marked paper or thread, which is your finger's circumference

  • Product :

  • 1.Material: Alloy

  • 2.Size: Indisediameter: 17mm to 22MM about US Size: 7.75 to 12.75;Reference below Ring Size Convertor to find the size of the corresponding in you Country.
    3.Style: Gothic
    4.Colour: Anti-Silver Refer to the pictures
    5.Product No.:r0079

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