Rubbermaid SeBreeze Portable Air Freshener Ocean Breeze Fan System Gel

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  • ATTRACTS & TRAPS: Warning the air in your home looks clean to the naked eye, but maybe contaminated with inanimate microscopic particles — until now! Air Police attracts and collects unhealthy particles from the air! For fresher, cleaner air guaranteed!
  • POWERFUL & PORTABLE PLUG-IN AIR PURIFIER: Air Police plugs right into your wall outlet so you can easily move it from room to room while it takes up very little space!
  • WORKS 24/7: unlike air freshener sprays that just mask odors, Air Police neutralizes the air your breath 24 hours, 2 days a week. Just plug it in and it goes to work!
  • PERMANENT STAINLESS STEEL FILTER SAVES YOU MONEY: using the latest ionic technology, Air Police's stainless steel filter attracts and traps the unhealthy particles in your air. When it's dirty, just wipe it clean and reuse it!
  • NIGHTLIGHT AIR FRESHENER PLUGIN: our design includes a convenient built-in nightlight with an ON/OFF switch, great as a purifier for nursery and bedroom spaces

Clean the Air & Reduce PolIutents In Your Home
Regular air purifiers are so bulky and take up so much space in your room. Now you can get incredible air cleaning power in a compact and pluggable air purifier when you add Air Police to your home! This advanced air purifier plugin uses the latest ionic technology. Air Police's permanent stainless steel filter attracts and traps unhealthy particles in your air. The result? Fresher, cleaner air, guaranteed!! It’s so small, you can move it from room to room, but affordable enough to add one to every room in your home!

Fights Smelly Odors
Unlike other sprays or plug-in air freshener that just mask odors, Air Police works to help remove the odors. You'll love how great your home smells after using Air Police! Plug it in by your kitchen counter or stove while you're cooking, or have it work in your basement to neutralize those musty odors.

Built-In Light
We've added a built-in light to Air Police. Simply switch it ON or OFF — it doesn't stay on continuously because we know you don't want the light on ALL the time! This convenient light makes it a top-notch choice for kids’ rooms, nurseries, bathrooms, and hallways. With Air Police, you can light up space while purifying the air at the same time!

A Must-Have to All The Rooms In Your Home
Try it in your

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Kid areas
  • Pet Areas
  • Laundry Areas
  • Basements
  • Home Offices
  • Home Gyms

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