PEAK PKC0T120 Rechargeable LED Worklight, 700 Lumens with Powerful Magnets

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Product Details :
Lumens                                    : 700
Runtime, 120 white LEDs           :  Up to 2 hours in one full charge
Battery                                     :  7.4 Volt Li-Ion[non-replaceable], 13.32 Watt-hours
Bulb                                         :  120 White LED + 1 Charging LED
Initial Charge Time                    :  AC Charger: 5 hours; DC Charger: 5 hours
AC Charger                               :  Input 110/120V AC, output 12V 300 mA
DC Charger                               :  Input 12V, output 12V with 2A fuse    

  • ORIGINAL: The PEAK Rechargeable LED work light is a high-intensity portable rechargeable LED light
  • QUALITY: 360 degrees of swivel range motion and a LED Worklight that can move 180 degrees
  • DURABLE: All portable LED work lights are powered by a rechargeable 7.4 volts li-ion, 13.32 watt-hours battery
  • EFFORTLESS: Convenient built-in fold-out hook and magnets that allow you to work without the worry of holding the light
  • SAFETY: Rechargeable LED work light, ideal when working on your car or in an emergency

PEAK 700 Lumen, 120 LED Worklight. The unique design takes two 60 LED units and attaches them together with a custom screw-together option. control -each 60 or all 120 LEDs from either handle. Comes with an AC/DC rechargeable lithium battery for 2 hours of continuous runtime. Multiple magnets and hooks on each end allow for attaching to any metal secure surface.


  • LED's provide long life with no need to replace bulbs
  • Multiple magnets and hooks on each end allow for attaching to any metal secure surface
  • Durable design great for garages and under the hood
  • AC and DC Rechargeable
  • Use one 60 LED unit alone or combine both 60 LED units for a 120 LED work light with 700 lumens, light is not dimmable
  • 700 Lumens
  • Powered by a rechargeable 7.4 volts li-ion, 13.32 watt-hours Battery

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