4 Pairs Home Bath Shower scrub Soap Foam Skin Body Face Clean Gloves

  • $1.99

EXFOLIANT FABRIC - Made from 100% High Quality Nylon. Machine washable. Great for the entire family!
FULL BODY SPA - For use in shower or bath. Keeps skin looking silky smooth and soft. Exfoliating before using a self-tanner is a must to avoid blotchy and uneven tans.
HEALTH BENEFITS - Eliminates dry, flaking or dead skin cells, works on ingrown hairs, itchy, bumpy and dry skin, increases blood circulation and removes harmful toxins from your body. Unblock pores and reduce cellulite appearance.
IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Normal, oily, dry and combination. Lather up in luxury with your own choice of soaps or shower gels.
INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Shower gloves stretch to fit ALL hand sizes. Thicker mitts last longer, medium roughness calibrated for even exfoliation and less harsh friction. Scrubbing gloves stay in place and will not fall off. Several rows of elastic around wrist area provide comfort and support, even when soapy. Perfect bath accessories gift!

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