Suavitel Dryer Sheets Field Flowers Scent 20ct each (3 Pack)

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(3 Pack) Suavitel Dryer Sheets Field Flowers Scent 20ct each - New

About This Item:

Brand Suavitel

Item Form Sheet

Unit Count 20 Ct (Each)

Number of Items 3

Product Benefits Softening

Product Details:

  • 2x Longer Lasting Fragrance.
  • Fragancia mas duradera.
  • Reduces Static.
  • Reduce la estancia.
  • Fast Dry.
  • Field Flowers.
  • Fresca Primavera.
  • Fabric Conditioner.
  • Incredible softness.
  • It makes ironing easy.
  • Fragrance.
  • Softness.
  • Static Control
  • Acondicionador de Telas.
  • Product Size: 16.2 CM x 20.3 CM (6.4 in x 8.0 in) Sheet.
Suavitel Dryer Sheets Suavitel Dryer Sheets
Suavitel Dryer Sheets Suavitel Dryer Sheets

Product Details:

Suavitel Field Flowers Fabric Conditioner Dryer Sheets bring the crisp, clean scent of blossoming flowers to every load. The floral essence will give your clothes the special fresh scent of the outdoors that will last for weeks. The formula provides incredible softness and static control that you and your family will love. Soft as a Mother's Love. They come in a convenient 20 count. The fabric dryer sheets add softness as well as a lovely fragrance. They are simple to use, just toss one in your dryer with each load and enjoy. The innovative blend of materials will help to reduce static cling in your clothing, too, making your items more comfortable.

Try adding Suavitel dryer sheets to:

  • Dresser Drawers
  • Cars 
  • Closet 
  • Suitcases
  • Gym Bag
Suavital Soft as a Mother's Love.


Methyl Bis [Ethyl(Tallowate)] - 2 - Hydroxyethyl Ammonium Methyl Sulfate, Polyester Cloth, Fragrances. Polyester Cotton sheets are soaked with the liquid. Contains fragrance allergens./Sulfato de metil amonio, Perfume. El liquido esta impregnado sobre hojas de Poliester algodon. Contiene alergenos de fragancia.  


Place a Suavitel sheet on top of the wet laundry in the dryer at the beginning of the drying cycle. Discard after the drying is done.

For the best result: Use a new sheet with each load.For large loads, add two sheets. Use a low heat setting for synthetic fibers. If spotting occurs, wet the fabric and rub it with mild white bar soap and rinse.
Do not overfill the dryer.


Coloque una hojita de Suavitel sobre la ropa mojada en la secadora al comienzo del del secado. Al final del secado tire la hojita. 

Para mejores resultados: Use una hojita nueva para cada carga de ropa. Para cargas grandes, use dos hojitas. Use temperatura baja para secar fibers sinteticas. Si ocurren manchas, lave con una barra de blanco suave. No sobrellene la secadora.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If any adverse reaction is observed, seek medical advice.

Attention: Suavital is not for use on garments labeled as flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance.

PRECAUCIONES: MANTENGASE FUERADEL ALCANCE DE LOSNINOS. Si observa alguna reaccion desfavorable consulte al medico.

ATENCION: Suavitel no esta formulado para ropa que tiene resistencia a las llamas 0 fuego, pues puede reducir su resistencia.

*vs. detergent alone.
*en comparacion con
  el detergente solo.

You will get 3 (Three) Pack Suavitel Dryer Sheets Field Flowers Scent - 20ct each.

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