2 PCS Wood Basting Pastry Brushes Baking Kitchen, Cooking Food, BBQ Brush

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2 PCS Wood Basting Pastry Brushes Baking Kitchen, Cooking Food, BBQ Brush
(1 Pack) 

About This Item:

2 Pcs Wood Basting Brush = 1 Pack






Number of Items in Set

2 Pcs Per Pack

Item Dimensions 

20.5 CM/55 grams.

Product Details:

  • A must-have kitchen gadget

  • Gaps in center bristles hold liquids for easy transport and spreading
  • Tapered outer bristles baste poultry and roasts with ease
  • Bristles will not scorch when greasing a hot pan
  • Bristles never clump or frizz
  • Easy to clean 
  • Odor resistant Soft
  • Comfortable grip
  • Dishwasher safe

Product Description:

  • Smooth Handle: Fine workmanship, smooth and burr-free surface, comfortable to grip and use.
  • DURABLE and FOOD GRADE MATERIAL - Internal core technology makes it much more stronger and durable.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Kitchen brushes are useful in many applications, whether in the kitchen, grilling barbecue, roasting, or cooking. Perfect for baking and grilling, grilling, picnicking, etc.
  • Good for Spreading butter, Oil, or egg liquid to brush bread, biscuits, turkey baster, and sauces to make BBQ.
  • The brushes are heat resistant for long-lasting use, easy to clean and not easy to lose hair, and very durable.
  • Designed with a hole and string For conveniently hanging the brushes.

Wood Basting Pastry Brushes Wood Basting Pastry Brushes Wood Basting Pastry Brushes

  • Wood Basting Pastry Brushes, the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal for baking, cooking, and barbecuing. Crafted with high-quality wood and durable bristles, these brushes offer versatility and reliability for a variety of culinary tasks.

  • Whether you're glazing pastries, basting meats, or applying marinades on the grill, these brushes provide the precision and control you need to achieve perfect results every time. The natural bristles are heat-resistant and distribute liquids evenly, ensuring thorough coverage without clumping or dripping.

  • The wooden handles offer a comfortable grip and a classic aesthetic that complements any kitchen décor. Designed for ease of use, these brushes are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

  • From delicate pastry work to robust barbecue sauces, our 2 PCS Wood Basting Pastry Brushes are versatile tools that elevate your cooking experience. Enhance the flavors and presentation of your dishes with these essential kitchen accessories.

Note: Hand wash to clean then gently dry with a cotton towel.

You will get 1 (One) Pack = 2 Pcs Wood Basting Pastry Brushes (Beige Color).

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