Odor Control Foot Powder Talc-Free Shoe Deodorizer Moisture Absorbent (2 Pack)

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Odor Control Foot Powder Talc-Free Shoe Deodorizer Moisture Absorbent 6oz (2 Pack)

About this Item:

Brand Unbranded

Item Form Powder

Scent Fresh

Number of Items 2

Unit Count 6.0 Ounce (Each)

Product Details:

  • 100% TAL.C Free.
  • Soothes, Cools, and Comforts.
  • Super Soothing.
  • Helps Control Wetness.
  • Fights Odor All Day.
  • Destroys odor instantly, leaving the feet cool and refreshed.
  • Provides all-day protection.
  • Controls wetness.
  • Protect your skin with your boot deodorizer formulated with zinc oxide.
  • Fight stinky feet with your all-natural foot odor eliminator from FOOT SENSE.
  • Wick moisture and keep your feet dry.
  • Fight unpleasant odors and gently deodorize your shoes.

Odor Control Foot Powder Odor Control Foot Powder

Odor Control Foot Powder  Odor Control Foot Powder

Product Description:

  • KEEP YOUR FEET & SHOES AS FRESH AS EVER: Trapped moisture and sweat are often why your shoes, socks, and feet end up with a foul smell every time you slip your favorite shoes on. The foot odor powder works excellent on absorbing excess sweat and moisture to grant you an all-day feeling of freshness and comfort without any nasty odors.
  • IDEAL FOR ANYONE DEALING WITH FOOT & SKIN CONDITIONS: By keeping your shoes moisture and sweat-free, this cornstarch foot powder helps prevent the development of such conditions and even soothes itchy irritated skin.
  • EASY TO USE DAILY AFTER SHOWER, GYM, OR YOUR WORKOUTS: This foot powder is safe and uses it directly on your feet or sprinkled in any type of footwear for odor and sweat control. For best results, dry skin completely before applying and use up to 3 times daily. A great way for your feet to feel fresh and revitalized after taking a shower, hitting the gym, or having a busy day at work.
  • 100% TALC-FREE AND HYPOALLERGENIC FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Boasting a 100% Talc-Free synthesis that contains pure cornstarch and zero nasty ingredients or artificial fillers, this foot powder for sweaty feet is ultra effective and yet soft with your sensitive skin. Our foot deodorant powder is also Hypoallergenic and suitable for adults, teenagers, and even kids aged 2+.
Foot Powder:
Universal Premium Foot Powder will keep your skin feeling fresh, helping to eliminate odors and absorb wetness.


Talc, Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Oxide, Perfume.



Absorbs excess body moisture, which helps control the growth of fungi associated with an athlete's foot.

For External Use Only: Avoid contact with eyes. if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or worsen with use, please discontinue the use of this product and consult a doctor immediately.


Contents Under Pressed
Read precautions on the backside.



Use after shower, bath, or exercise. Use in footwear and on feet. Dry skin completely before applying. 
For Adults and Children over 2 years in an affected area not more than 3 times daily. 
Children under 2 years: Consult a doctor.

You will get 2 (Two) Foot Powder For Moisture Control And Reduce Odors, 6 Oz.

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