Deluxe Optical Repair Set Eyeglasses Screws Screwdriver (2 Pack)

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(2 Pack) Deluxe Optical Repair Set Eyeglasses Screws Screwdriver - New - Free Shipping 

About This Item:

  • Everything you need to repair your frame at the fraction of the price of getting them repaired in the store.
  • Small and handy kit - a must in every household! A great gift for the holiday!!
  • Includes - magnifier, screws, grommets, nose pads, ear pads, screwdrivers with handle and neck cord.
  • It Tightens and fixes watches too!
  • Works for Most Domestic & Foreign Frame Adjustment and Repairs
  • Ideal to Repair or Adjust Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, and Even Prescription Frames Quickly
Deluxe Optical Repair Set Deluxe Optical Repair Set

- Introducing the Deluxe Optical Repair Set, your all-in-one solution for fixing and maintaining your eyeglasses with ease. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to tackle common issues like loose screws and minor repairs, ensuring your eyewear stays in top condition.

- Inside the set, you'll find an array of screws in various sizes, providing versatility to fit different frames and styles. Whether you have metal or plastic frames, this kit has you covered. Additionally, a precision screwdriver is included, allowing you to tighten or replace screws with precision and ease.

- Say goodbye to frustrating moments of searching for lost screws or struggling with loose hinges. With the Deluxe Optical Repair Set, you can quickly and conveniently address minor eyeglass repairs at home or on the go. Keep your eyewear looking and feeling great with this essential repair kit by your side.

Each Set Includes The Followings: 

◘ 2 Plastic Starters

◘ 1 Small Magnifying Glass

◘ 1 Small Phillips Screwdriver

◘ 1 Small Flat Head Screwdriver

◘ 1 Screwdriver Extension Handle

◘ 1 28 Inch Eyeglass Retainer String

◘ 1 Portable Storage Case Organizer

◘ 2 Nose Support Pads (Optional Add-on Pieces)

◘ 4 Small Screws Inside The Handle of The Magnifying Glass

◘ 2 Rubber O Rings Inside The Handle of The Magnifying Glass

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