12 Traps (3 Pack) Roach Glue Traps Board Pest Insect Rodent Bugs Killer Control

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(3 Pack) 12 Traps Roach Glue Traps Board Pest 
Insect Rodent Killer Control

About This Item:

You will get 3 Pack.
4 Traps per pack.
3 X 4 = 12 Traps 

Brand Unbranded





Style Roach Traps

Use For

roaches, water bugs, Palmetto bugs, spiders,  Other Insects

At a Glance:

  • Effective
  • Easy To Use
  • Disposable
  • No Chemical Poison
  • Trap cockroaches 
  • Other insects on sticky inside
  • No poisons, no mess
  • Discreet design makes it easy to use
  • Includes four-pack traps
  • Attracts cockroaches using insect pheromones

Product Description:

  • Poison Free, Odor Free & Pollution Free
  • Environment Protection Products
  • Traps roach, water bugs, Palmetto bugs, spiders, crickets, and scorpions
  • Conceals dead insects – just throw the trap away when full
  • Special lure appeals roach into the trap, where they become stuck to the glue surface
  • Keeps roaches free away from your home office or kitchen.

  • Breaks baits apart. Place baits wherever roaches are seen. Then place additional baits about 1-1/2 feet away.
  • Some of the most likely hiding places for roaches are in the cabinets and behind kitchen appliances and bathrooms.
  • Suitable For Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom & etc.
  • The viscosity Of Binder May Preserve More Than 100 Days
  • You Should not Throw it away Until The Trapper is Full of Cockroaches
  • Best Effect on Economy & Sanitation

Direction For Use:

Remove The Paper Covered on the Gum Of the Adhesive Cockroach trapper. Lay Adhesive tightly Against the Wall for 2-3 Days. It Is Doesn't catch a lot of Cockroach, then try to move the trapper to Somewhere else. As cockroach has very strong re-productivity. A better Effect Will be obtained if various places are laid with trappers simultaneously.



- Keep out of the reach of children and domestic animals. 
- Do not place where birds will contact. 
- In case of contact with adhesive, use vegetable or mineral oil to remove it from the skin.
- Use paint thinner for easy clean up on floors and other surfaces.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

You will get 3 Pack = 12 Traps Roach Trap Glue Board

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