1 Pack Goya Sazon Con Cilantro Y Tomato 1.41 Oz.

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Inside this box you'll find what good cooks have always dreamed of, an absolutely food proof way to make everything taste not just good, or even great, but sensational - every time. It's Sazon Goya, a special mix of seasoning from Goya. A little magic in little foil packets. Just cook the way you always cook, the same recipe, the same seasoning, changing nothing. Expect: for every 4 people your recipe serves, just add one packet of Sazon Goya. Two packets for a dish for 8. You'll wonder how you ever did without it. Use it for meats, stews, soups, poultry, pasta, rice, beans, vegetables - everything.

Product Details

  • Goya Sazon Con Cilantro Y Tomato - Seasoning with Cilantro & Tomato 1.41 oz
  • This product will add more flavor and color to your food
  • 8 Sobres/packets Each
  • If its Goya. its good!


Goya Sazon Con CilantroGoya Sazon Con Cilantro

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