(1 Pack) Ass Armor Compression Protective D30 Padded Shorts Gear For Biking

  • $9.99
  • Guardar $20

  • 100% Spandex
  • Keep Your Body Protected – It comprises a protection pad that helps to cover your thigh, butt, hip, and also tailbone. In turn, this provides satisfactory protection to sports like longboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, and mountain biking. With this short, you don’t need to worry about any potential injuries that affect sensitive areas.
  • Lightweight & Breathable – Our protective padded compression short is made of a breathable fabric mesh which ensures you feel comfortable, cool, and fresh. Considering all these, the user wearing these shorts will always feel comfortable. It can easily be washed by hand.
  • Flexible Movement - Elastic material from which the 3D padded short is made provides better tear as well as high elasticity for exceptional mobility. Once your thighs, hips, and tailbones are well protected properly, you can move without restriction.
  • Exceptional heat and collision Resistant feature – Our protective hip shorts are well produced with a combination of Spandex and Nylon material. These are friendly materials to the skin that molds perfectly fit your body. Also, with these, the fabric won’t be sticky to the body, which in turn allows excellent mobility.
  • Designed for Outdoor Sport – These protective padded short remains your best choice for any outdoor activities for instance skiing, skateboarding, roller sports, snowboarding, skating, cycling, ensuring you remain safe!
  • 4 SIZE - Please Choose from variation,(XS Waist 22"-26" S: Waist 23.6"-27.5" M 25"-29" L 26.8"-31.5" ) More details about the size, pls refer to the description as picture.

Ever tried to snowboard and spent more time on your backside than actually on top of the board? Even seasoned riders biff from time to time and butt plant into the hardpack snow or worse yet—ice. Well, now there is no need to crawl away in humiliation and pain, as the Ass Armor compression short takes the hit for you. Ass Armor is a low-profile compression short featuring D3O impact-absorbing technology that supposedly performs 67% better and is 40% thinner than traditional foam-based materials. The bespoke D3O smart impact protection is made from 6mm of a pre-curved composite material, D3O XT, composed of polymers and dilatant fluid (becomes thicker when pressure is applied). It is temperature stable and offers high-performance impact protection. While an additional thin layer of comfort padding further eases shock at your coccyx, the flexible tough shell is puncture-resistant. Ass Armor is a unisex dry-fit stretch short. Constructed with minimal seaming to avoid any extra tightness or chafing, it has a separate elastic waistband for snug comfort. The cool-handed fabrication is designed to wick away moisture and maintain a breathable feeling under layers of gear. Key to note, Ass Armor is comfortable enough to wear for hours and doesn’t alter your figure in a pair of snowboarding pants. If anything, just remember—it’s “All About That Bass.” The revolutionary Ass Armorª provides the most innovative and aggressive tailbone protection short on the market. This short provides adrenaline junkies, no matter the skill level, the confidence to check their inhibitions and take on any adventure without the prevailing fear of busting their backside. The bespoke D3O¨ smart impact protection is 6mm of a pre-curved composite material, D3O¨ XT, comprised of polymers and dilatant fluid. It is temperature stable and offers high-performance impact protection.

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