Star Trek Voyager Tom Paris Mutated from Threshhold 1997 by Playmates

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Star Trek Voyager Tom Paris Mutated from Threshhold 1997 by Playmates - New - Free Shipping

  • In the episode "Threshold"
  • Exclusive Skybox/Playmates Collector Card
  • Includes three mutant offspring
  • Comes with Starfleet Type II Phaser and Starfleet Action BAse
  • Delta Quadrant Accessories Included
  • Bonus - Starfleet Action Base

Product description

Star Trek (Playmates) Series 4 Tom Paris (Mutated) NIP Action Figure from the 1997 toy series. Stardate 49373.4 Lt. J.G. Thomas Eugene Paris was brought to Sickbay after successfully completing the first transwarp flight. By achieving Warp 10, he occupied every point of the universe simultaneously. My analysis showed that this caused Paris’s DNA to mutate. Traveling at infinite velocity accelerated his evolutionary process. He experienced a mutation consistent with the evolution of the human genotype over the last four million years. Paris represented a future stage in human development – although I can’t say it was very attractive. Paris escaped from anti-proton radiation treatment. In a delusional state, he kidnapped Captain Janeway and escaped in the test shuttle at Warp 10. Both were found mutated into a reptilian form on an uninhabited world. They had bred three offspring, which were left behind. Janeway and Paris were returned to Voyager, where I restored their original genome. Delta Quadrant Accessories: Starfleet Type II Phaser Three Mutant Offspring Starfleet Action Base

The item is brand new in the original box. 

The left side of the clear plastic is a little dented.
Comes from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
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